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Brings Back Portugal

We so enjoyed our trip to Portugal December 2022. These pastries make us want to return soon!

"Custard Tarts"

A character on my favorite BritCom is always enjoying his custard tarts and I've been intrigued for years. Finally decided to try and find some which brought me to you. I'm now also in love with these little gems and enjoyed every one. I wish they were more readily available and not so expensive. That being said I crave more and will submit another order very soon.

Original Natas (24 ct.)
Christopher N.
Just like in Lisbon

So glad I found these. They were a hit at our Easter brunch. Having just returned from Lisbon the taste brought us back. Delicious.


Very delicious, more than my expectations. I was satisfied fast shipment too.

Finally…Natas @ home!

We fell in love with natas on our trip to Lisbon several years ago. Since then I have been making them at home but they are very labor intensive. Finding was such a treat and they are delicious! Buy them asap!


We will definitely be ordering these again. They were incredibly rich and flavorful, beautifully paired with a dash of cinnamon. It was my first time having more authentic natas and I must say, it is well worth the price!

Deep dish!

Used to get my natas from Joey Bats in NYC but love the extra filling in these more. So good!

Like a trip to Lisbon

I have been looking for natas in the US since a trip to Portugal a few years ago. Everything has come up short - until these. They are SO good, and I love that you can store them in the freezer without compromising on flavor. Plus the extra filling is a true stroke of genius. Ordering two more boxes as we speak.