If you’ve ever visited Portugal, you’ve probably enjoyed your fair share of pasteis de nata, likely from Pasteis de Belem outside of Lisbon. The pastel de nata is a popular treat, served in many cafes, usually sprinkled with cinnamon and alongside an espresso. Originally created in the 1700’s, these egg custard tarts are known for their delicious creamy filling and light, flaky outer crust. 

While the pastel de nata is arguably Portugal’s most notable food item, they’re difficult to find back in the US. We’re here to change that! Now, you can easily buy pasteis de nata online. Our mission is to increase the accessibility of this authentic Portuguese pastry in the States, bringing a taste of Portugal to your front door. 

How They're Made

Our natas are created and pre-baked in Portugal by Nata Pura, a local Portuguese company. The natas are then blast frozen to preserve their high quality taste, and are shipped from Portugal to our warehouse in Massachusetts. The natas remain frozen throughout this entire process, and are also shipped to you with ice packs included.

Once you receive your natas, you can continue to store them in your freezer, or bake them and enjoy! You also don’t need to bake your shipment all at once; you can enjoy a few at a time if you’d like. Once defrosted and baked in the comfort of your home, the natas should be consumed within 48 hours. 

If you have questions about our natas, or how to bake them at home, please visit our FAQ page. 

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